The “Bulletin of KNUTD, Series: Economic sciences” is a peer-reviewed open-access journal aimed at publishing original innovative, novel and high quality research papers. The Journal is enlisted as a specialized economic periodical by the Higher Commission of Academic Degrees and Titles of Ukraine. Since its foundation, the journal has become a bridge between academia and practitioners working in research institutions, universities, business and public institutions in Ukraine and overseas, among all those focused on issues of economic development in a challenging market environment. Through active participation in scientific publications, the journal promotes fundamental and applied research in major fields of economic sciences, enhancing the role of economics in facilitating legal, political, social, environmental and other critical areas of further society development, as well as contributing to Ukraine’s entry into international economic alliances.

Focus topics of the journal “Bulletin of KNUTD, Series: Economic sciences”:

  • Economic Development Issues
  • Modernization of Education
  • Modern Trends and Challenges in Management
  • Innovation and Investment Policy

The journal might be relevant to researchers, academics, students, business practitioners and other related specialists.

Basic information:

Establisher: Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design.

Year of foundation: 1958. Re-registered:  December 1999.

The certificate on the state registration of the print media: series KB № 19330-9130 ПР as of 08.08.2012.

The journal subscription index in the catalogue of publications of Ukraine: 91443;

Professional registration: journal included in the list of scientific professional publications of Ukraine, in which can be published results of thesis for the degree of doctor and candidate of sciences: Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine from 18.12.2018 number 1412 (Annex 10). Category B. Economic Sciences. Specialties: 051, 071, 072, 073, 075, 076, 241, 281.

The journal is registered at the International centre of periodicals (ISSN International Centre, Paris) . ISSN:  2413-0117

From 2018, each published material is assigned the International Digital Identifier (DOI) (Digital Object Identifier):
DOI Journal — DOI: 10.30857/2413-0117
DOI Issue — DOI: 10.30857/2413-0117.%YEAR.%Issue
DOI Article — DOI: 10.30857/2413-0117.%YEAR.%Issue.%N
where %YEAR is the year of issue; %Issue — issue number; %N — the serial number of the article in the content of the release.

Periodicity: 6 issues per calendar year.

Languages for publication: Ukrainian, Russian, English.

Scope: 100-160 pages.