№ 6 (117) 2017


Kozhushko R. Y., Verhun A. M.

Analysis of higher education system in the context of the international rating system

7–13  pdf  Annotation

Sohatska H. V.

Building integrated education structures to ensure personnel competitiveness

14–21  pdf  Annotation

Shcherbak V. G., Balashova N. V.

Ways of improvement of the mechanism of management of the process of innovative provision of the system of vocational training of unemployed

22–28  pdf  Annotation

Baula O. V.

Application of cluster analysis techniques for survey data processing in the evaluation of corporate socia responsibility of pharmaceutical companies

29–37  pdf  Annotation

Ganushchak-Yefimenko L. M., Shcherbak V. G., Gulina O. D.

Company CRM system strategy implementation

38–42  pdf  Annotation

Kravchenko О. O.

Factors ensuring enterprises personnel security under modern conditions

43–50  pdf  Annotation

Krakhmalova N. A., Goncharenko I. M.

Adaptation of international experience of event marketing application in the practice of domestic enterprises

51–58  pdf  Annotation

Levchenko O. M., Havilei M. A.

Managing fixed assets accounting and control for economic entities

59–71  pdf  Annotation

Ptashchenko O. V.

Theoretical framework for implementing benchmarking to promote hi-tech products in international markets

72–79  pdf  Annotation

Khimicheva G. I., Mykhalko A. O., Yaremenko D. V.

Review of the international principles and approaches to the conformity assessment of hotels quality and safety criteria

80–90  pdf  Annotation

Shcherbak О. V.

Ensuring organizational structures sustainability subject to peculiarities of hierarchical relationships in a self-developing organization

91–98  pdf  Annotation

Yaremko A. D.

Theoretical approaches to enterprise crisis management in a dynamic environment

99–109  pdf  Annotation

Nifatova O. M., Shkoda M. S.

Enhancing the innovative development policy through building innovation clusters in the framework of public-private partnership

110–120  pdf  Annotation

Piletska S. Т., Miahkykh I. M.

Innovation receptivity of companies to development in changing environment

121–128  pdf  Annotation